Once upon a time, there was a young ballet girl who loved to make and share her handmade colourful ballet tutus. One day, a friend told the girl how she appreciated her adorable talent. Out of the blue, she gave an unexpected remark, “Compared with doctors saving lives and entrepreneurs donating money, what I do contributes very little in terms of making the world a better place.”


Yet, the friend’s reply was even more surprising.

“Of course you do,” she said, “you create beautiful garments. Just look at how much pleasure your tutus bring to people.”


Magically, such words somehow became the initiative inspiration and the onward motivation of tutu-go-around that sets off its adventure in spring, 2017. 




Unlike tutus of knotted tulles that are easily made and commonly seen on the market, every tutu from tutu-go-around is fabulously designed, delicately machine-sewn and finely packaged. We aim to provide baby tutus and apparels of the best quality and exquisite design that add colours to every little delightful soul.










奇妙的是,這段無意的對話成了2017年tutu-go-around的創牌靈感 。




設計師本身習芭蕾舞多年,喜歡充滿彩色泡泡的優美氛圍,也享受穿自己縫製的舞衣和紗裙跳舞。2015自創Patricia Pai成人手工客製紗裙品牌,隨後前往英國攻讀布料創新碩士學位,並於期間繼續修習專業芭蕾舞衣課程,2016回台創tutu-go-around精緻手工寶寶紗裙品牌,期許每個快樂的寶寶都能穿上紗裙後得到滿滿的愛與幸福。





Love and Happiness

“Love and Happiness” is the core value of tutu-go-around. The founder and designer believes in the inborn power within every soul that gives out love and creates happiness. May this world become a better and sweeter one with the joy our tutus bring to each of our dearest dreamer.