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Once upon a time, there was a ballerina who loved about making and sharing her colourful ballet tutus. One day, a friend told her how she appreciated her adorable talent. Out of the blue, she gave an unexpected remark, “compared with doctors saving lives and entrepreneurs making donations, what I do contributes very little in terms of making the world a better place.”


Yet, the friend’s reply was even more surprising.

“Of course you do,” she said, “you create a chance to make people feel good about themselves. Just look at how much pleasure your tutus bring to others.”


Magically, such words became the initiating spark and the onward motivation of tutu-go-around that set off its adventure in winter, 2016.




Quite the contrast to tutus made with knotted tulles or the single-colour tutus commonly seen on the market, every tutu from tutu-go-around is subtly designed and delicately machine-sewn, all in Taiwan. We aim to provide baby tutus and apparels of the highest quality and most exquisite design, adding colours to every little delightful soul.

Black Floor Lamp

Love and Happiness

“Love and Happiness” is the core value of tutu-go-around. The founder and designer believes in the inborn power within every soul that gives out love and creates happiness. May this world become a better and sweeter one with the joy our tutus bring to each of our dearest dreamer.

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