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 La Forêt 

La forêt 即法文「森林」,此靈感來自秋季清晨的北歐森林,冷冽霧氣環繞針葉林間。



The design of ”La Forêt” (“The Forest” word in French) illustrates the palette of the autumn Nordic forest: frosty mist surrounding the coniferous woods, creating the dreamy, enchanting ambience.​​​

  • 產品介紹:

    • 雙層設計:一層透氣內裏+一層拼接網紗

      • 主要色系:湖水灰綠.雲霧灰.鐵灰

    • 尺寸:F,適合腰圍25-30吋

      • 長度:80公分(圖中模特為163公分)

    • tutu-go-around提供客製尺寸、長度或顏色,歡迎洽詢!

  • Product Introduction

    • Double Layered Design: 1 layer of lining+ 1 layer of tulle

      • Theme tint: Gray Green.Misty Gray.Iron Gray

    • Size:F

      • Fitting waist size of 25”- 30”

      • Length: 80 cm (Model: 163cm)

    • tutu-go-around provides custom tulle skirts with your desired size, length and colour. Please contact us for more details.

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